It's peanut butter cookie time. Peanut butter cookie time. Peanut butter cookie time.

Ingredient list is as follows:

Peanut butter



...that's it....really

SO peanut buttery & gluten-free too!

Don't 'cha want one? I do.

Do the peanut butter cookie, peanut butter cookie,

peanut butter cookie with a baseball bat!

Peanut butter cookie, peanut butter cookie,

peanut butter cookie with a baseball bat!

(Thank you Peter & Brian Griffin)


Portable pulled pork...Victoria Day long weekend special!

We've officially lost it....and it is to your beneft!

Just when you thought our weird food experiments couldn't get any weirder, well, they got weirder.

Pulled pork + creamy coleslaw + waffle cone + a cherry on top (ok, so it's a cherry tomato) = portable bliss.

Hurry up 'n get some. This unholy union is only available at our Queen St. E. location over the Victoria Day weekend (while supplies last).

You didn't really think we'd stop at putting an egg inside a muffin, or mac 'n cheese in an empanada, did you?

6 out of 6 taste testers agree...pulled pork in a waffle cone rocks!


...And this is how it all started...

Running away from Chef School, Pam and I started our own little shortbread company. Taking the first letter of our middle names, "M+G kitchens" was born.

Believe it or not, Red Rocket Coffee was an afterthought...a back up plan, if you prefer.

But our contingency plan grew and grew and grew and soon shadowed the original concept...just like the monster it can be, sometimes.

M+G no longer exists (at least for now) but our shortbreads remained. Our tasty, tasty shortbreads.

We use butter (and only butter) with flour, sugar, cornstarch, and all natural high quality flavourings for these small melt-in-your mouth tidbits.

We don't make them too sweet (we believe the first thing you should taste is the flavour, not the sugar) and added just a touch of extra salt to bring out all that buttery goodness from the...um...well...butter!

Have I mentioned they're tasty?
I can say "butter" again.

Butter! (hee-hee)


We've won awards for these, ya know...


Wheel! Of! Coffee!!

Having one of those days where you just can't figure out what you want to drink? Are you experiencing option paralysis? Well, we've got the answer for you!

Let our little red friend, Doyle, spin the wheel and it'll make your decision for you! WARNING: once the wheel has made its choice, there's no going back. The Wheel is law! (see fine print for details)

Should you choose to oppose the law, wheel-master Kelsey, one of our fabulous Wellesley St. E. baristas and creator of the wheel, will hunt you down!

Kelsey likes arts & crafts and loud hip-hop music. But only on Wednesdays. Every other day, she likes giving free high fives...and hunting down wheel-deviants.

Beware the Kelsey.


Bright & Shiny...

Our freshly painted outside benches @ the Queen Street location...

...perfect for basking in this fantastic weather we've been having.

Here's to a hopefully amazing summer!



Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes for Mother's Day...

...with wee little gummi butterflies and round and shiny malt balls.

...and our own cream cheese frosting.

Limited supply!

'Cause when there gone, there gone.


Spring is here and that means frozen lattes are back!

OMFG. That means...Oh My Frozen Goodness. You didn't think I'd use the other "F" word, did you? Well, it might just slip out of your mouth after tasting one of our frozen lattes! Mmmmm.

Made from our super-secret recipe, they taste like no other. Come by for a whipped-creamy cup of frozen deliciousness and you be the judge.

Could life get any better? Why don't you ask Molly, one our friendly and fun baristas, and she'll tell you the truth.

"No f*&!*# way!", says Molly.

That's frozen...not the other "F" word! Shame on you for even thinking it.

This is all Pam's fault.

Pam's brain child.
Meet the Mac N' Cheese empanada.
This monstrosity of tender elbow macaroni (yes, the kind you used for that Mother's Day card back in 3rd grade...but cooked), oozy sharp cold pack cheddar, and chicken hot dogs (no adjective for this one) is dangerously packed into our light n' flakey pastry puff.

I don't even want to know what the PSI for this empanada is.

Has your mom ever gone on vacation and had you sit on the luggage so that she can zip it up 'cause it was so full.
Yeah...you get the idea...

We smear the inside with pizza sauce and finish the top with crushed potato chips.
'Cause that's just who we are.
Nothing half done here.

So next time you come in and see Pam, please make sure she understands what she's done.
That she's created a new need.
A tasty, tasty new need.

Below: Before the fire...and after the fire.