Do you want to be part of Red Rocket Coffee's history? Do you want to name the greatest battle of all time?

Do you want to... pick our next tip jar contenders???

Tell us your best idea for our tip jar by Thanksgiving Monday (October 14) and we will pick our favourite who will not only get their idea on our tip jar, but will also WIN A FREE MEDIUM-SIZED BEVERAGE*!  Are you going to pick our most popular coffee, Deep Space? Or go crazy with a Pumpkin Latte, fully dressed with whipped cream and Skor bits? It's up to you!

Submit your entry by commenting on our Facebook contest status, or by tweeting your idea at us (@Redrocketcoffee) with the hashtag #rrtipoff.

*Please remember that we are a family establishment - we don't mind a bit of innuendo, but try to keep it clean, folks!


mark mandel said...

hello rocketeers,

i'm so not a blogger but i've got two ideas for the TIP SCALE THROWDOWN.

1. snoopy vs. snoop-dogg
and in the halloween theme
2. count chocula cereal vs. frankenberry cereal

i'd like to shoot you some great images i've got, but it's beyond me!

mark mandel

mark mandel said...


this is my last blog on this matter...
heck, i'm not even sure that i'm getting through!
(amateur blogger)

emailed liako with ideas and images.
hope that works.

loyal rocketeer,
mark mandel